our food

Much of what we serve you comes from family recipes adapted to seasonal and local foods. Our goal is to feed you healthy food that is delicious, chemical-free, responsibly grown and has a low carbon footprint, as much as possible.

The Meats

Our meats come from the Northwest region. The beef is grass fed and contains no chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. We make our brisket and corned beef in-house and we do not add nitrates to the corned beef brine. This is why the corned beef is grey and not red in color. Saltpeter gives it that red, but we see no reason to feed you saltpeter.

The chicken and chicken livers come from a local farm and contain no hormones or antibiotics or other chemicals. They are humanely raised with plenty of space and natural light...until we eat them.

The Baked Goods

We make most of our baked goods in-house and use no artificial flavors or chemicals. Our flour is organic. The bagels are 100% wild yeast, hand rolled and boiled in-house! Our light rye is baked by a local bakery, Bagel Brothers.

The Salads

All of our soups and salads are made in-house. We buy local produce as much as we can. Our goal is to continue to develop relationships with local farmers and to support our local economy.

What the Doctor Ordered

The Pickles

Our in-house pickles are lacto-fermented in salt-brine and natural spices and are good for you! They are made from organic cucumbers grown on a local farm (Rising River Farm). Lacto-fermentation helps to normalize stomach acidity, aids in the assimilation of nutrients such as iron and activates the immune system.

Chicken Soup (Jewish Penicillin)

There is a good reason why your Jewish mother feeds you chicken soup when you are feeling under the weather. You need those fluids to flush the virus out. The salt in the chicken soup has the same effect as gargling with salt water to remove bacteria from your mouth and throat as it goes down. It helps clear sinuses with the steam and the lean chicken protein and veggies bolster your energy.

The Fish

Our lox is European style. It is made with Atlantic Salmon that comes from an ecologically responsible deep water farm in British Columbia. The lox contains no chemicals, food coloring or sugar and is high in omega-3 fatty acids because of healthy living.


Kvas is a Russian drink, similar to a soda. The main ingredient of true kvas is  rye bread, and the drink can contain unfiltered yeast in it. Kvas has a high content of vitamin B, it is considered to be a good appetizer and healthy source of energy. The drink is recommended for athletes who are trying to increase their muscle weight. In 1913 Russian bacteriologists proved that kvas is a germicide by showing that typhus bacteria die in the drink.

Birch Juice

Birch juice is being brought back into tradition thanks to body-builders and fitness instructors as it contains sugars, proteins, amino acids and enzymes – the key elements that help you stay fit. It’s also good for the stomach.


Made from sweetened tea, this fermented drink is rich in B vitamins, amino acids, live active enzymes and beneficial probiotics.