Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hava's Challah is #1

We're in the news. Hava represents Kitzel's at Blintzapalooza and wins gold! Check out the article in the Daily O.

"As for secret ingredients, Aviv said she uses a classic recipe that’s at least 300 years old – to which someone said, 'That’s 300 years good!' "

Hava won first prize for best Challah at Blintzapalooza!

The competition was stiff with 19 challahs in the running.

Rabbi Seth shakes hands with the winners. Hava won 1st place for best traditional challah and Vincent won 1st place for non-traditional (vegan!) challah. We hope to carry Vincen't vegan challah at the deli.

Everyone got to taste some. My favorite is the one with salt on top.

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