Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's All In The Name

Well, we found out that the word ZAFTIG is trademarked up the wazoo.  There's no way to get around it.  We found some legal advice, and we are decided that we will follow it.

Find a new name.

We're fairly committed to using a Yiddish word.  It's a fading language, just like the Jewish Deli is a fading store front.  We've had a couple of brainstorming sessions, and have found two Yiddish terms we like, and we want to hear what you have to say, or add!

Kitsel or Kitzel
it literally means to tickle.

When I ran this name by my mom, she said, "To tickle what?"  Well, Kishkas means guts... soo, come Kitsel your Kishkas?


hukified said...

Kitzel is a really cute name and Kitzel your Kishsas is unbelievably cute! Can't wait for the opportunity to taste some of your delights. I keep having work stuff on the days that you're doing tastings. Best to Irina and Hava!

irooshka said...

thanks hukee!! there are more tastings to come and we're planning to make knishes for arts walk.