Monday, March 21, 2011

Tasting #2

We had so much fun. Thanks for coming everyone! H and I love seeing crowds of people come through the house and fill up on food that we cooked.

Hava's Challah went fast. She added more egg this time in response to your suggestions.

I was selling stuff out of the kitchen window.

People packed into the little house to try our food.

First things to go were the pelmeni, piroshky and the zucchini caviar salad. H labored for days on the pelmeni and we got up at 6:00am on the day of the tasting - H to make the piroshky and I to make the salad.

After about two hours, pretty much everything was gone. And we were worried that we made too much food!


sarah washburn said...

yet another reason i wish we lived in the same town. you n' h are rockstars for putting this together!



Irina G. said...

Thanks Sarah. Hope you at least come and visit!