Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kitzel's is officially a business!

Hello Friends and Family,

As of Monday, August 29, 2011 Kitzel's Crazy Delicious Delicatessen LLP became an official business in the books of Washington State!   On Thursday September 1, 2011 we will be placing a rental hold on the space for the deli in the Harris Dry Goods Building located at 514 S. Capital Way!  (Previously Cielo Blu, between Batdorf & Bronson and Aqua Via)

To honor these achievements (on our LONG list of to do’s) we would like to formally invite you to a community celebration Shabbat dinner at the deli, potluck style (dairy and/or vegetarian), since we can't cook in there just yet.

Doors will open at 6pm, with candles and blessings at 6:30pm and dinner starting around 7pm.   If you are planning on attending services at Temple Beth, we are in walking distance from the Temple, so feel free to park up there and join us for a Shabbos meal before services.  If you are not Jewish, or are a non-practicing Jew, please know that we want to share this holiday with you, and will ensure a welcoming environment for all in attendance.  

After dinner Hava and Irina will be giving a very short presentation of our fundraising campaign with exciting ways for all of our community members to be involved, so please extend this invitation to any and all of those who are interested in seeing our new location, hearing about us, coming to a dinner in the deli before it’s open & remodeled, and especially extend this invitation to those who wish to support bringing our Jewish Deli to the heart of downtown Olympia, creating jobs, filling vacant space downtown, filling bellies and promoting the artisan ambiance of our city. 

Our mission is focused on finding purpose in making great food & providing stellar customer service.  Our vision is steeped in sustainability models and community involvement.  The development of this business is dependent on those mindsets, and we are thrilled to offer you a chance to become part of the Kitzel’s community! 

Come join in the Kitzel’s community, we’d love to have you!

Hava Aviv & Irina Gendelman

The Owners of Kitzel's Deli!

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