Monday, January 2, 2012

Last few days at the deli

Louise helping the customers

getting full

fish and salad sampler plate


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pass along some comments that were made to me concerning Kitzel's today by some friends who recently visited the deli. They checked out the place and ultimately left without buying anything because of the following things. They were put off by the price of a bagel with cream cheese being $3.50 when a plain one is only $1.00. They also do not like the way the seating is set-up. The would prefer individual tables. They said the ordering system at the counter system seemed to be very disorganized. These people are foodies in their 60's who patronize many local restaurants.

Irina G. said...

Thanks for passing on the comments, Anonymous.

We charge 1.50 for the bagel and 3.50 for bagel with cream cheese, tax included. This is comparable to the other bagel places in town and elsewhere. Our aim is to deliver a true, delicious, hand rolled, yeast based and boiled bagel with a good quality shmear. Cheaper bagels and shmears simply don't taste like ours because they are made differently and cheaper. Our prices are lowest possible to cover the cost of good ingredients, labor, utilities and rent.

We have rearranged the seating a bit in the last few days. We realize that not everyone will appreciate community seating. However, we have also heard from many patrons that they enjoy this type of seating. Hava and I have been committed to Kitzel's being a community space and eating together is a way that we encourage a sense of community. One of our goals is to add variety to downtown Olympia and most other places offer individual seating.

We agree that our ordering system has been a bit hectic, especially in the first week after opening. We have been working hard to improve the system as fast as possible and to respond to requests and suggestions. We now have chalkboards with a written menu hung above the deli counter and we should have a printed menu coming out soon. We have been open just over three weeks, so still working out the kinks!

Thanks again for taking the time to give us feedback!