Monday, August 13, 2012

Opening - New Art at Kitzel's - Mary Elizabeth Evans

Art Opening this Wednesday, Aug. 15 7pm-9pm. Come chat with the artist. Stay for Radio8Ball at 9pm.
Hi! My name is Mary. This is a collection of 45 doodles that document my daily life. I found that after graduating school it was hard for me to transition the way that I made art. My doodle diary was a way for me to make myself draw every single day even if I didn't feel like it. I trusted myself with the help of this book that I wouldn't stop drawing. I got the idea from one of my professors Ruth Hayes who has kept daily doodle books and encouraged her students to do so as well. I have really enjoyed keeping this book and being able to look back at my daily activities and the way my life functions, or I guess the way that I perceive it. Sometimes when I am having a really shitty day it's nice to look through the pages and think "On hey! It's not always this way!" Then I can draw a self portrait of me looking real grumpy and move on to the next day. At first I felt a little insecure about showing this project because the work is so simple and quick but it is also honest and personal and I think that's important. xoxo Mary

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