Monday, January 28, 2013

Science Café is coming to Kitzel's.

History of Violin Bows!

When:    7:00 pm, Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Where: Kitzel's Crazy Delicious Delicatessen, 514 Capital Way, Olympia  (Phone 360.357.7747)
February's topic is The New Golden Age of Bow Making.

Robert Ray of R.L. Ray Violin Shop (Olympia) will take us on a tour of bow making from the 18th Century to the present. His presentation will encompass the historical, economical and cultural events that helped shape bow making as we know it today, including:
  • the early makers of the modern bow from Tourte through Peccatte (circa 1770-1860),
  • the middle period, Voirin to Sartory (circa 1860-1930),
  • the demise of bow making and the last of the great French school (circa 1930-1960), and
  • the new era of bow making (circa 1960-2012).

March Topic:

From Zebrafish to Sea Lions to Humans: Common Effects of Seafood Toxin Exposure
by Kathi Lefebvre, Ph.D.
Research Biologist, NOAA Fisheries
Northwest Fisheries Science Center (Seattle)

Science Café of Olympia meets each month on the second Tuesday. It provides an informal atmosphere where people with and without scientific background can meet to deepen their understanding of interesting topics in science and technology. After a presentation by an expert in the field, the meetings are opened for discussion. Science Cafés are found nationwide and are loosely affiliated with the U.K.-based Cafe Scientifique, an international organization promoting public engagement with science.

Some of the organizers of Science Café of Olympia are affiliated with the Puget Sound Chapter of The American Chemical Society.
Send us your comments and suggestions on topics, speakers and how we can improve our meetings. Feel free to pass this notice on to like-minded friends.

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