Monday, November 28, 2011


We raised well over $12,000 through our indiegogo campaign. Thanks to all of the generous supporters of Kitzel's! We are working hard to open the doors. The floors are done and the equipment is in.
Heather and Rebeca and the new kitchen floor for easy cleaning!
We are fine-tuning the menu, training staff and waiting for that health inspection to be completed - polishing the chrome and making sure that everything is shipshape and up to high standards.
testing the recipe - brisket brining in juniper berries
If you missed a chance to buy a Nosher's club membership, we still have more. You can use the PayPal links on the top right side of this page to buy one or just donate if you are so inclined. We appreciate your support in helping us bring this deli to life, while keeping all of the money flow local - hiring locally, not going to the banks and creating 15 new jobs!

staff training

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