Saturday, December 10, 2011

When is the Opening?

People keep asking us when we are opening and it's getting so close that I can barely contain myself from throwing the doors open and yelling "Come in! Come in! Try our bagels and lox, they are so good!". We are almost ready for you. A few final touches and we are there. If all goes as planned, the opening is a matter of days. Construction is done and the equipment and food are being tested. We are doing intensive training in the kitchen and heavily sampling our product.

We are not yet open today, but you can come by the Capitol Theater 11-4pm (Sat, Dec 10) and buy our gift certificates at Duck the Malls!

Here is another sneak peak at what we've been doing behind those doors.

Nancy Koppelman shares her wild yeast (!) starter with us.
Bagel making begins. Alden measures out the flour.
Feeding the starter. Heather spots, Rebeca pours.
Hava shows us the awesomeness that is the giant mixer.
Russel demonstrates the fine art of chopping onions
Ashley rolls the knish dough
Gail and Rosie make a pupik on their knish

quality control


OlyBikes said...

Nice banner image -- I always loved looking at the oils atop the matzo ball soup. The very image of comfort food.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I got an email Nov 28th that said that you would follow up with an email about perks for those of us who contributed, including coffee and bagel upon opening.

Haven't got my email yet, but I see you are opening tomorrow. Hope to hear from you soon.


Irina G. said...

Hi Lennea, you will be getting your email soon! We are working out the system and will let you know shortly.