Monday, December 19, 2011

5 Days

It's day 5 and we are getting our systems down and food production up. The deli is doing great and we are expanding our menu daily. We finally have the flow going well enough that Hava and I don't have to be here 18 hours a day. Hurray! Our team members are catching on fast and customers are coming through the doors at a steady pace. Here are some shots of the last few days since we opened.

Getting here at 4:30am or leaving at 12am. Not sure which.

Bagels in the Morning

Bagels boiling
7am. on 15 of December, 2011. Our first customers.

Rebeca working the counter

Herring plate
Sturgeon lox plate
Sampler plate
Sunday morning line outside the door before we open.


sarah w said...

omygosh omygosh omygosh! wish i were in oly--sure would be nice to start my days off at kitzel's!

Anonymous said...

We had a delicious lunch with friends on Sunday. Your crew does a great job, Hava! I know we'll return many times.

Karen McNally said...

Wow, tears of joy after seeing the Beautiful Plates you offer. I am SOOO Proud of the dedication, hard work & effort it has taken to get to this Very Cool Place!!!! Congratulations - I can't wait to get back to Oly and have some more of your fabulous food!!!
Karen from SC

jennifer combe said...

Herring! Ooooooohhhhhh I wish I were there to see you all and eat with you!

The food options in Missoula are sad.

Big love,
jennifer combe